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Social Infra Tech, Inc.

Social Infra Tech, Inc. is a Blockchain Technology Company that specializes in building digital social infrastructure.

Social Infra Tech, Inc.’s goal is to provide trust infrastructure to the upcoming digital community.

Specialized in building blockchain-based Social Infrastructure

Company outline

The company was founded by key members of Korea’s first ICO project BOScoin and it aims to become a company that specializes in providing blockchain-based social infrastructure building solutions.

business Area

1. Blockchain Technology and Services Consulting
2. Blockchain-based application services ‘BlockSign’ commercialization
3. Blockchain-based technology solutions (Blockchain Mainnet and application solutions)

Business plan

The head office was established in November 12th 2019, but it was formed in the mid-2000s mainly by acquaintances who had been working since Cyworld’s prime time, which is the Korea’s one of biggest SNS in the history.

We are planning to launch a ‘BlockSign’ service based on our own blockchain Mainnet in June this year(2020).

about social infra tech

Company Information


about social infra tech 

Why is it named ‘Social Infra Tech’?

Blockchain is an infrastructure technology (Infratech) that provides a ‘trust layer’ to the digital community, and social Infra Tech, Inc. wants to become a blockchain technology company that provides a trust infrastructure to the digital community.

company name

Social Infra Tech, Inc.



Jun, Myung San


Establisment Date

November 12th, 2019



Head Office & R&D Center

Jeju-island (Head Office)

Seoul (R&D Center)


Blockchain Tech Company

Social Infra Tech specialized in providing blockchain-based infrastructure-building solutions and consulting based on its own built blockchain technology, experience and network.


Blockchain based business

  • Blockchain Technology and Service Consulting
  • Commercialization of blockchain-based application services (‘Blocksign’ service)
  • Blockchain-based technology solutions (Blockchain Mainnet and application solutions)
  • Development of Blockchain, AI and Big Data Application Services

about social infra tech

Vision and Roadmap

The company’s vision is to become the leader of constructing a new social infrastructure based on three key technologies which are blockchain, AI and big data technologies.

mainnet ‘mitum’

Blockchain Source Technology 

Our blockchain Mainnet is a product that can be used in a wide range of industries with sufficient performance.  The network settings can be optimized from private blockchain to public blockchain based on service requirements, such as speed priority or de-centrality priority.

about social infra tech

Core Assets And Competitiveness

Independently developed blockchain technology, field experience and knowledge, global network


A high profile within the industry

Reputation of CEO Jun Myung-san, which was established through writing, lecturing activities, etc.


Veteran executives with 20+ years of experience in the IT industry

Executives with the best experience with large portals and start-ups since the early era of the IT industry.


Global networking Power

Ease of global expansion such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Switzerland after stabilizing the organization and domestic businesses.


Four years of experiences in the blockchain industry

Accumulated know-how in managing blockchain projects through hands-on experience from the beginning of the blockchain industry.


Possessing source technology for blockchain

Blockchain source Technology developed by Domestic team.

blockchain application


Development of Blockchain-based document management solution using blockchain application technology
Building global services by providing document management infrastructure for the digital transformation of society

service type

Blockchain-based document history proof service


service functions

Blockchain Document Authentication

Combining blockchain with document authentication service similar to Docusign 

Provides services that enable enterprises and individuals to prove their document history; 1) certificate of contract, 2) certificate of individuals

target users

B2C to B2B

1) Enterprise (providing electronic contract services)

2) Individuals (providing personal document history management and evidence service)

3) Public institutions such as schools (providing history management and evidence services such as diploma certificates and citations)

Development Phase

4 Stages

Step 1 : (under development) Blockchain-based document management basic features
Step 2 : Issuing and sharing public documents
Step 3 : Creating and managing multilateral agreements
Step 4 : External system interworking document management function


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Social Infra Tech, Inc.

A company that specializes in building digital social infrastructure using blockchain-based service ‘BlockSign’


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